Suggested Intermediate New Music

This page is for the intermediate session group to find some new suggested tunes to replace older sets in the sessions. These tunes can be downloaded here or found in the O’Flaherty books. The recordings are the tunes played in a slow tempo, 60 beats per minute, for practice. Ornamentations and variations are limited or omitted. The Printable music sheets below are jigs. The recorded tunes also include some reels and slip jigs. THE BANSHEE, CASTLE KELLY, and DRAG HER ROUND THE ROAD are reels that can be found in the O’Flaherty Book 100 Jigs and Reels(Book #1). AH,SURELY!, ANYTHING FOR JOHN JOE? and The BANTRY LASSES are reels in the third O’Flaherty Book Another 100 Tunes(Book #3). A FIG FOR A KISS and THE FOXHUNTER’S are slip jigs found in O’Flaherty Book #1. FISHERMAN’S is a slip jig found in O’Flaherty Book #3. These tunes can be found on the MUSIC page. New sets can be created from these selections.


Ah Surely! mp3 Anything for John Joe? mp3 The Banshee mp3 The Bantry Lasses mp3 The Blarney Pilgrim Castle Kelly The Connaughtman's Rambles mp3 Coppers and Brass mp3 A Fig For a Kiss mp3 Donegal Lass mp3 Drag Her Round the Road mp3 Dusty Windowsills mp3 Fisherman's mp3 The Foxhunter's mp3 The Swallowtail Jig mp3

This earlier recording of The Blarney Pilgrim took place when I was alone in the house. I usually recorded alone to avoid interruptions. The voice that can be heard right after mine at about 00:08 seems to say “last time” when I say “I will play it two times.” As I said, I was alone in the house and I did not hear the voice when I recorded the tune. It sounds like a young child and apparently a music critic!