Beginner Tunes – these are the 10 basic tunes that we play during the first hour of our beginner sessions

Intermediate Tunes – these are more difficult tunes (including some reels) that we play during the first hour of our intermediate sessions

Advanced Tunes  – these tune are even more difficult and we play them from memory and at full speed

Blue Lists  – these are the lists we use to play these tunes from memory. Some of us find that having the first two measures of each tune is all we need to get going.

O’Flaherty Books – these are the 3 books that contain most of the common tunes we play in the Dallas area sessoins

Tunes Index  – we use this list to quickly find tunes from any of the 4 tune books (including the children’s book) quickly

Music Players  – recordings of each beginner tune played slowly

St. Patrick's Day Tunes for downloading

Boys of Bluehill


Butterfly, The

Down By The Sally Gardens


Harvest Home

Banish Misfortune

Tripping Up The Stairs

Kesh Jig

Off She Goes

Off To California